Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua was the fourth country we visited on the Caribbean cruise in November 2007, and also became the 70th country I have visited. We started off on the piratship of 'The Black Swan' and had an enjoyable pirate time with lots of fun and bathing in the most lovely sea. We could drink as much as we wanted, and it was hot there. hahahaha. In the afternoon we went and had a look at the capital St. Johns to see if there were something special to look at there, but we did not find too much - maybe we did not know where the interesting were found.

The island of Barbuda is situated about 40 km (25 miles) north of Antigua, so we did not have time to visit that one on this trip, maybe there will be a second chanse one day.

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  Morning view Pirates St. Johns Evening view  
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