Bhutan Druk Yul

After a very interesting flight along some of the tallest mountains of the Himalayas and twisting down through the hills we had a nice landing on the only airstrip in the country, situated in the town of Paro, and I had landed in my 65th country. From here we explored the country and had a lot of interesting visites every day. Some problems with the bus gave the guide several extra challanges to solve, which he did very well. We got to see so much interesting too and learn more about the history of the country. Inside the temples we were not allowed to take pictures, so in respedt of that there are none from the many interesting visits we made there. As the visit took place during easter 2006 norwegian of course expected snow - and we did get some, well, maybe even a bit too much. Take a look around and see something of what I found there.

  Paro Thimphu Panaka Wangdue Trongsa Bumthang  
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