When I landed at La Paz airport it was the 76th country I visited. I have never landed on an airport that high - 4061m above the sealevel, and La Paz is just some hundred meters lower. I enjoyed the visit and got to get around to see some of the old Inca remainings in this country too. The town was easy to get around in, but I think it was rather polluted downtown, but with the high hillsides almost surrounding it, it was difficult to remove it. To get back to Peru it was naturally to go by bus and visit the smaller town of Copacabana, sutuated at the shore of Lake Titicaca, a very nice and interesting trip. Here is the link to the various pictures I present from the visit.

  Flying to La Paz   La Paz   Tiwanaku   To Copacabana  
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2nd visit to Bolivia in 2019 - saw more of the country here

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