My first visit to Canda was in 2005, and I landed just in time to participate on Canada day in Regina. It was a special celebration as Saskatchewan and Manitoba could celebrate 100 years as Canadian provinces. The celebration in Regina lasted the whole day and ended with a great firework. I traveled through 5 of the provinces during my stay, and got a very positive impression of the country and people. In 2011 I arrived in Vancover after a cruice down the alaska coast. Managed to study this nice town, continued towards the Rockey Mountains by train. Last was by bus down the Rockeys to Calgary. Got to see things this time that I did not see on the short visit through the same area in 2005, but my feelings for the country did not become less.

I have sorted the pictures according to the provinces, from west towards east of this huge country. Here you can chose which province you would like to look closer at, and when you have finished you will come back here and chose another. You will arrive at a special page for each province, where you chose what part you would like to see more of. Remember, you will always get a larger version of the picture when you click on the small one, and you can also navigate from the large version.

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5 areas - 326 pictures 6 areas - 366 pictures 5 folders - 71 pictures 7 folders - 120 pictures 2 areas - 148 pictures 10 folders - 158 pictures

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