Czech republic

The Czech republic was formed in 1993, and I could visit part of this lovely country in 2002. I visited the "old" Czechoslovakia and was interested to see how the progress had been, and to see more of the country. The Czech people are very friendsly and helpsome and the visit was a great pleasure. I used public transport to get around, and that worked real good.

After several interesting visits I have got a few pictures to present, and in 2006 I changed this indexpage. The Czech republic consists of to major districts: Bohemia and Marovia, so I generally use these and gave them the directions of the sky and put the various places into the 'correct' part of the country. I give Prague its own space, since I got quite a lot of pictures from there. Remember, you will get a larger picture when you click on the small ones. Enjoy the visit.

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Here you can see pictures from a visit to Czechoslovakia in 1990

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