Germany was the 5th country I visited when I arrived there first time in 1969. Unfortunately I've not been a keen photograper on many of these visits, but from the visit in 1990, which became a very special, as I was in the country on October 3rd, when the two german nations became again one. The pictures from the central region of Germany are from that trip.

I visited the very south of Bohemia, and bring you some pictures from that short week-end visit there. Hope you will enjoy them, and I hope to bring more pictures another time. Next time I was back again, and this time to the former DDR part of the country where I visited the towns of Dresden and Chemnitz, or Karl Marx Stadt as it was called during the DDR periode. The very special cathedral of Dresden has finally been restored, and just that building is worth a visit, but there are a lot of lovely buildings in this central part of the town. The last visits so far brought me to both Berlin and two days visit to München and got some really nice pictures from the town. It's a nice place with both old and new.

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