My first visit to this very friendly country was as far back as in 1978 when I spent two weeks in Rhodos. Greece were the 7th. country I visited. Later I have been there in 1982 when I went to Pharos and Athens, 1986 to Kos, 1987 to Creete and then in 1992 to Zakhyntos.

The pictures I present are from the visits to Creete and Kos

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KOS - 1986

We could not only stay on the beches - so we rented a car and drove around the small island and spent a day at the local beach. Here are something of what happened

Heads are rolling Excuse - you are in my way
Relaxing Good friends Where the he--- are we ?

Creete - 1987

In 1987 we were much more cultural. We spent one week touring the eastern part of Creete. Here are somthing that we saw.

Crete - old culture all over this island

Beaches Churches Monastries Shadow and none
Interesting formations
Crowded ????

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