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When I visited Hong Kong in 1995, it became the 35th country i visited.

I found the very small country very interesting. We had a good oportunity to get around, not only the central places, but also a bit around. Although we visited Hong Kong late in November, it was still nice and warm.

In 2006 I had the pleasure of a new visit to Hong Kong, and found there were not much change since my last visit. Public transport were still efficient and streets were busy with shoppers. The peak had got a new tower, but the sceneries were still impressive. I missed landing at the old airport where you almost could see what people had for dinner as you passed the houses, but the new airport was very nice, and I can understand it was voted the best of the world for many years since it opened.

You can still find old and new in this little part of the world, and its definately well worth a visit.

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