When the plane landed in Osaka in 2013 I arrived in my 77th visited country. I was ready for a 12 days roundtrip in the country which I had wanted to visit for quite a long time, and now I was there. We visited 5 different towns and the guide took us around in all of them to see the most important places to visit. It was a great tour. I present the pictures from each city we visited, and the different tours we made there, so the number of folders indicate how many different places there are. At the end I have some pictures from the travel we made all the way by the Shinkansen, the 'Bullet train' a very special experience. In this folder you will also see pictures when we passed Mount Fuji in a just perfect weather. Have fun

  Kyoto   Hiroshima   Kagoshima   Osaka   Tokyo   Shinkansen  
  13 folders - 348 pix   4 folders - 113 pix   6 folders - 182 pix   2 folders - 65 pix   10 folders - 246 pix   24 pix  

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