South Korea

The rain was pouring down when I entered my 59th country - South Korea in 2003, and somehow it was raining every Friday while I was there. I found the country very nice, and was surprised how many hills and mountains they had, even in Seoul some parts reminded me of San Francisco. Later I have returned several times, and enjoyed more of the country, so now I can present pictures from most all of the provinces in the country. A tradition from the first visit I continued with - a visit to a bath-house every saturday. An enjoyable stay that usually lasted up to four hours. You should try that. To get around was easy, and bus- and train service was great, and as the country is not too big, it was possible to get around very easily. Everywhere you can find interesting things to look at, and I will try to present you some of what I saw. I have sorted the various places in connection to the region it belongs, hopefully making it easier to find out on a map where the place is situated in the country.

  Seoul Chungcheongnam Gangwon Gyeonggi Gyeongsangbuk  
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  Gyeongsangnam Jeollabuk Jeollanam Jeju Island  
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