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Svalbard - Barentsburg

Barentsburg is the russian settlement on Svalbard. Here they dig out lots of coal that are exported to countries around the world. Today there are about 800 persons living here, while earlier there were around 2000. When you walk around it reminded me of a typical soviet small town and the basic of the buildings shows that quite well. The first that catch your view is the black smoke comming from the power plant. They said it would be cleaned very soon, but could not tell more spesific. As always the visit ended with a folklore show well worth watching and listening too. Here are my impression of Barentsburg

Check on the small pictures to view a larger version, which often view more than the small one

First view of Barentsburg
Buildings Port office - and huge phone Buildings
Monument Road 78 parallell Word on ground Church
Different buildings and details from windows
Folklore show
m/s Nordstjernen

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