From Islamabad to the top of the world

When I arrived in Pakistan in 1993, it was the 31st country I visited.

The visit started in the rather new capital - Islamabad, and after a few days there we started on the Karakurah Highway towards the border of China. The tour was called "The Silk Road" and it followed the ancient Silk Road that connected Pakistan and India to the famous route that went all the way from China to the Mediteranian and Egypt. I still conider the trip one of the very best I'v been to around the world. I hope the pictures will tell you something of what I saw along the road. The pictures are presented in the same way as we took our trip.

The flower at the top is the national flower of Pakistan - Jasmaine

  Islamabad   Besham   Indus river   Gilgit   Hunza   Himalaya  
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