Sint Maarten

The divided island of Sint Maarten/St. Martin was the fifth visit on the Caribbean cruise in November 2007, and here we mananged to visit both parts during our visit, so we made two countries in one day. We landed in the Dutch part, and went by bus to the French part. Its a small island, but it had two of almost everything. Even using a cellphone (mobile) was difficult, as they were scrambbled if they called the other part trying to call local - oh no: here its international call to call the neighbour next door. Here are the pictures from the Dutch part - click here and you will get the french part.

Click on the thumbnails to view a larger version of the picture

The morning view
From the bus we got to see something of the island on the way to the french side
After lunch I walked around in the small town of Philipsburg and had a look
Local flag Shopping Water taxi Beaches
The evening view

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