We will never forget


On September 11, 2001 at 8.40 am local time the unbelievable started.

New York and Washington were hit by terrorists who without any warning crashed three large captured planes into the most famous buildings

World Trade Center in New York City and Pentagon in Washington

Another plane crashed outside Pittsburg. Indications are that the terrorists were attaced by the passengers. It is belived the goal for that captured plane was an atomic powerplant.

What followed this horrible, and unforgiveable act have been all over the world, on Radio, TV, newspapers. I have collected some of the pictures we saw, not able to belive it was really happening - things that we only saw on film. But it was true.

This is a tribute to all those innocent people who lost their life during this attac, those in the hijacked airplanes that the terrorists crashed into the buildings, those inside the buildings who had no chance to escape, the rescueworkers who died when the buildings collapsed while trying to help others, and not to forget all those left behind, who have lost their closest and loved ones.

The numbers of people who lost their lives were at first estimated as high as up to 10.000, but later the figures has been corrected, and the latest estimates are 2.830 (march 2002). Many of these has still not been found.

We will never forget..................... On to the pictures