When I stepped out of the speed-boad from Buenos Aires early in 2013 I arrived in my 75th country. It's a small country, but on this visit I just stayed in the capital, Montevideo. I found the town very nice, with a long sea-front with plenty of space both for cars and pedestrians. There are some very nice buildings in the older part of the city, and it's very easy to find the way around. Here you will find pictures from various parts of the city, including a folder with interesting grafitti paintings. There is also some nice pictures when I crossed the Andes mountains on my way to the next destination: Lima. Hope you will enjoy the pictures. Already the autumn of the same year I came back, for a day to visit the old town of Colon. It's definately a place to make a stop or visit when you are in Uruguay.

  Along the seaside   Around the town   The Cathedral   Grafitti   Over the Andes   Colon  
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