I landed in Peru for the first time in 2005, and I had reached my country 64. What I were about to experience during the stay I was not quite what I expected, but what a plesnt surprise this country turned out to be. Driving down the coastline towards Ariqippa through a very dry desert on the one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other was quite interesting. Then slowly acceding up amoung the mountains and wide plataus, passing the highest point of of the trip: 4563m - so far my highest. The lake Titicana with the islands made of reed. Finally entering Machu Picchu and the only undestroyed town from the time of the Inkas, but they were not alone. We saw the history of so many other ruling groups that have left their mark in Peru, like Paracasm Chimu, Nazca, Pachacamac, Mochica, Ica, and many more. Hope you will enjoy the pictures I present from my visit.

  Lima   Ica   Arequipa   Puno   Cuzco   Trujillo   Amazonas   Andes   Pacific  
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