It was wonderful 25C when I stepped out of the plane, just as the sun set on my first visit to Mexico in 2002. It was +2C when I left Norway some 11 hours earlier. I landed in Maya-land and was looking forward to see all those famous buildings left by the Mayas. Mexico became the 56th country I visited. In 2004 I revisited Mexico, spending my time in Mexico city and Pueblo, a nice town east of Mexico city. In october 2008 I was back on my 3rd visit, this time visiting Mexico city and Puerto Vallarta, a nice town at the end of the Banderas Bay. A great place to spend a relaxing time by the Pacific Ocean.

I will present the trip I made and the memories I took back according to the various Mexican states they are situated. In addition to the states I present here, we also drove through the state of Tabasco, but it took only 10 minutes, and I have no pictures from there. Better luck next time.

Remember you will be able to get a larger picture if you click on the smaller ones I present on each of the pages.

Pictures presented from the various regions I've visited
Mexico d.f       Puebla     Quintana Roo   Puerto del Carmen
Zukalo       Zukalo         Tulun
Culture palace       Places to visit         Chetumal city
Azteker palace       Odds and ends         Cenote Azul
Antropologic museum                 Kohunlich
Plaza Santo Domingo       Puerto Vallarta     Chiapas   Palenche
Along the streets       Zukalo         Misul-Ha
Art Deco       South side     Campeche   Tucan
The Chapultepec Park       Snorkling         Campeche city
Almeda Central area       Dolphines and sealions         Uxmal
Temple of the Sun       Colourful sunsets     Yucatan   Merida
Temple of the Moon                 Chicken Itza
Living quarters                  

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